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Like learning any new language, learning Persian requires hours and hours of conversation, motivation, as well as the right dictionary. Therefore, we are sharing our recommendation for the best Persian English dictionary. Overall, we are reviewing four English Persian dictionaries and we’ll share the best, the cheapest and the most detailed dictionary with you.

Let’s get started right away:

The best: Persian – English Dictionary: The most trusted Persian to English Dictionary

Our recommendation! The authors Reza Nazari and Jalal Daiehave designed this dictionary for people interested in learning the standard Persian language and dedicated this to Iranian history, culture, and mythology. This Persian to English dictionary has more than 12,000 entries on words, definitions, names, titles, events, and places. The authors have paid particular attention to pronunciation, word types, and common phrases. Therefore, it is also the best English to Persian dictonary with pronounciation. It is also covering the most used idioms, scientific terms, and slangs.

The version of the dictionary is fully updated with the latest lexical content from the Farsi language. It has a unique database that offers the fullest, most accurate picture of the Farsi language today. This dictionary is the ideal resource for Farsi self-study as well as for classroom usage.

If you are looking for the best English to Farsi and Farsi to English dictionary, this is the one we can recommend.

The most detailed: An English-Persian Dictionary by Dariush Gilani

With over 22,000 entires, this is one of the most exhaustive English-Farsi dictionaries available. Therefore, it is perfect for advanced Farsi speakers or people who are learning Farsi for a very specific field of expertise and need lots of technical terms.

Another advantage of this English to Farsi dictionary is that it it uses the American English instead of the traditionally more common British English.

The cheapest: Farsi-English / English-Farsi (Persian) Concise Dictionary

This concise dictionary contains around 8000 total entries. It is therefore more compact than the other dictionaries mentioned in this overview. If you are new to the Farsi language, you will find everything you need in this book without being overwhelmed by too many words. Also, it is one of the cheapest English Persian dictionaries available.

Great value: Persian-English, English-Persian Learner’s Dictionary

Iran has a rich cultural history. This dictionary provides a great insight into the cultural aspect of the Farsi language. This dictionary speaks to the increasing popularity of the study of Persian (also known as Farsi, Tajiki, or Dari) in the English-speaking world. The dictionary is bi-directional and provides a simple transliteration of the Persian word along with its equivalent in the English language.

The Persian-English section is listed alphabetically for the English word, which makes it easy for the user who is not familiar with the Persian alphabet to find a word. This English to Farsi dictionary include 18,000 entries of synonyms in various contexts, which will facilitate the lanugage learner to have a better understanding of the language.

This dictionary acts as a reference book and fulfills the need for English speakers who want to learn Persian and Persian speakers who wish to learn English.

We hope you have found the best dictionary English to Persian for you. If you are learning Persian we have some more great ressources you should check out on our site:

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The Best Persian English Dictonary

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