About Us

Persian Experts is comprised of a team of Farsi speakers from across the world. We created this site after seeing a lack of strong resources for the Persian language. There were many small blogs or translation websites, but there was no comprehensive resource to turn to when it came to Persian.

Our Goals

We created Persian Experts with three things in mind:

  • Providing professional Persian translation
  • Maintaining a blog focused on learning the Persian culture and language
  • Running a Farsi job board where every job posted requires Farsi fluency or knowledge of the Persian culture, geography, and so on

Want to Contribute?

Our team is always looking to grow! We often are in need of more translators, researchers, bloggers, and more. Some positions are paid, while others may be on a volunteer or internship basis.

Please contact us at YourPersianExperts@gmail.com to inquire about current openings!

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