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If you want to buy a samovar and enjoy your tea in an authentic Persian way, then you came to the right place. We scoured the internet to find the best samovars for all preferences while making sure they are all reliable and will perform well. This list contains all budget options, from luxurious Russian models to those that are modern and more affordable.

We recommend you to take a look at all options and weight their pros and cons to find the perfect electric samovar for your home. But before we jump into the list, let’s define what samovars are in the first place.

What is a Samovar?

The definition of a Samovar can be found in its name. Sam means “self” in Russian and varit means “to boil.” So, the word is literally translated to self-boiler. Samovar essentially combines two functions, by containing both a kettle and a teapot on top of it. Although many still believe samovars were invented in the 18th century in Russia, the oldest samovar was actually found in Azerbaijan. It is estimated that it is almost 4,000 years old!

Initially, samovars were made from metal and included a pipe that was filled with coals to heat up the water. Electric samovars were first released in 1950, and work in the same way except the fuel is no longer required.

In the Middle East, samovars are a part of traditional family gatherings. However, people all over the world started using it because it extracts the strongest and purest flavor of their tea. According to many new and seasoned users, samovars are a must-have appliance for tea lovers.

If you grew up in a Persian house, you have definitely seen a samovar at some point. Your grandma or mom might have used them for big parties or small family gatherings. They make great Persian Mother’s Day gifts for this very reason! That said, anyone can appreciate these devices to get tea in a traditional yet modern way.

To learn more about Persian tea history, the best Persian tea varieties and brands, click here.

The Best Samovar 2020

We looked over various teamakers that we own or one of our colleagues has used. We also browsed reviews of these products to see if our conclusions were supported by other users. With this information, we were able to narrow down our list of the best samovars!

Home N Kitchenware Tea Maker – Best Low-Cost Choice

Available in standard silver with black, gold or silver accents, this Samovar Tea Maker is a powerful version of the Persian samovar. Like all Home N Kitchenware samovars, this tea maker is built with only food-grade materials, allowing you to enjoy the purest taste of your tea.

It comes with an automatic reheat function and an energy-saving thermostat. Therefore, this samovar will keep your tea hot for hours while using little energy. So you can slowly sip on it without having to reboil. It’s easy to use and you can adjust the tea strength to fit different tastes. It boasts an ergonomic shape, tons of safety features, and stays at an affordable price, which makes it the best low-cost choice on this list.


Handmade Copper Electric Samovar – Best Traditional Version

If you are looking for an eye-catcher in your kitchen, this samovar is your best choice.

This samovar is handmade from real copper with a stainless steel interior. Its water tank can boil up to 4.5 liters and the tea pot has a volume of 1.5 liters.

Your water will boil quickly and stay warm the entire day, thanks to the useful “keep warm” function. This samovar is an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy flavorful tea from a very well-designed and traditional samovar.


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SAKI Electric Kettle Samovar – Top Rated

The SAKI Electric Kettle Samovar combines the traditional porcelain tea pot design for pure flavor with a modern and robust stainless kettle, allowing you to enjoy the best from both worlds. SAKI uses only food grade materials to produce this samovar, so you will be able to enjoy the most delicious tea without changes in taste. Due to its exceptional manufacturing, this samovar system doesn’t leak like many other samovars and delivers a strong taste, comparable to authentic tea from the Middle East. It boils quickly and includes a smart warming function that will preserve the taste and warmth of your tea for hours.

Besides the durable built and awesome taste, the SAKI samovar is also extremely easy to use. The stainless steel infuser can be easily taken out and cleaned and the automatic shut-off feature will give you peace of mind if you forget to turn it off. Considering its competitive price, simple operation and great reviews, we think this samovar would be an ideal first pick for novices. 


Mulex 3-Liter Samovar – Chic Design

If you want to enjoy a traditional Persian samovar through a contemporary system, then you might want to have this new release a go. It features a unique shape and a porcellaine tea pot. This samovar is a great combination of Russian/Persian tradition with German design and engineering.

Other than its intricate aesthetics, this modern samovar also comes with smart features, including dual LED lights that indicate whether your water is boiling or in warming mode. Once boiling, it automatically switches to the always hot function and keeps the water at the right temperature with little energy need.

It’s easy to clean and maintain using the included manual and is certainly an impressive piece to showcase on your family gatherings. All in all, this is one of the best electric samovars for someone looking for a beautiful and functional piece at a great price. And we just fell in love with the clean design.


BEEM Romanov III. Stainless Steel Samovar – Best Overall

This exceptionally designed stainless steel samovar by BEEM is a German take on the traditional Russian design. As such, it has all the features you’d expect from a German-made product. It is durable, has tons of innovative features, and has a highly polished finish for luxurious tea sessions. It is almost entirely built from metal, with only one plastic part between the spout and the handle and gorgeous porcelain details that complete its sophisticated look.

Naturally, if Romanov III. was all about the looks, it wouldn’t be one of the top-rated electric samovars on the market. It also boasts great functionality, and it’s two heating elements add up to 1500 watts for quick and powerful heating. Once your water is ready to boil, this Samovar will lower it’s wattage automatically to keep your water warm while still saving energy. The control knob allows you to experiment with the temperature, depending on how strong you like your tea. However, all this comes at a steeper cost than some other options. The Romanov III is quite an investment, but it’s well worth it if you’re looking for a device that won’t leak, break, or stop working for years of pleasurable tea sessions.


How to Use a Samovar

Samovars can seem complex at first, but they are actually very easy to use. Once you learn how to use a samovar, you’ll be enjoying tasty tea in no time! First, you will need to fill the kettle with water. For the best flavor and no residue, we suggest you use filtered water. Plug it in and turn the thermostat to the desired temperature. The highest setting will give you the quickest results, while lower temperatures preserve flavor. In the meantime, fill the infuser with your favorite tea leaves and place it in the teapot.

Once the water has boiled, add some of it to the teapot and place it on top of the samovar. Wait for it to brew. Depending on your taste preferences, you will need to wait for 4 to 6 minutes. Once it has brewed for a few minutes, you simply need to pour your tea in cups and start enjoying. Your tea preferences and the samovar you use might alter this process slightly, but this overview should be all you know to know about how to use a samovar.

You can watch the video below to see how to drink your Persian tea!

Ready to use your samovar?

Overall, you can use any of the tea makers on this list since they are all some of the best samovars.

We believe the Romanov III. from BEEM is the absolute best samovar currently available on the market. It has a huge capacity of 5 liters and exceptional build quality, and it is a true investment piece that will help you create years of pleasurable memories.

That said, if you want to buy a samovar but don’t want to break the bank, the Saki Tea Maker might be a better option for you. You will still get tasty tea with no frills.

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A review of the best Samovar Tea Makers. Make the perfect Persian tea and use one of the samovars our staff recommends
The Best Samovar 2020 – Ideal Persian Tea Maker

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  1. Tea from a samovar is drunk in merchant families who love to spend several hours a day just drinking tea. This fragrant drink is really amazing!

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