Best Persian Tea Glasses and Sets 2020

Best Persian Tea Glasses and Persian Tea Sets

Are you a tea enthusiast? Do you love waking up to a freshly-brewed and hot cup of tea? Or are you hosting a tea party for your friends this week? If you live in a Persian household all these things are probably true for you. Tea has been a popular beverage in Persia for over 500 years. Contrary to Western civilizations, tea in the Middle East is usually served in transparent glasses instead of tea cups. The black rich color of tea looks more attractive in shining glasses, than in non-transparent cups. Therefore, tea glasses are also gaining popularity in the Western world. In this post, we compiled a full overview of the best Persian tea glasses and Persian tea sets 2020 for you.

There are numerous varieties, shapes and brands of tea glasses out there. Therefore, we have decided to give you a hand and identified five of the most astounding and best Persian tea glasses available. We made sure to not only include beautiful but also high-quality tea glasses and tea sets that will endure many tea parties.

Most tea houses and households in Iran use the traditional Middle Eastern tea glasses that are commonly known as Turkish tea glasses. Traditionally, they have a tulip-shape body that is round at the bottom, slim in the middle and wider at the top. Below, you can find our five recommendations for the best Persian style tea glasses 2020. They range from plain tea glasses in their charcteristic round tulip shape to beautifully decorated Persian tea sets.

Best Everyday Use Persian Tea Glasses – Red Co. Original Tea Glasses with Handles

This beautiful set of six tranditional tea glasses with handles from Red Co. is the all time classic. As all traditional Middle-Eastern tea glasses, they are tulip-shaped. Its handles make it safe to hold and enjoy a hot cup of tea without burning the fingers. Each glass can hold 4.75 ounces of liquid. The fact that the glasses are fully transparent gives you a great indication of the strength of your tea.

We recommend these affordable tea glasses as everyday-use glasses for every Persian household. You can comfortably place them in the dishwasher and the microwave. The only downside is that they do not include saucers.

Small Turkish Tea Set 12 piece by Volarium

These tea glasses by Volarium also come in the traditional Turkish tea glass shape with a handle. In addition to the glasses, they also come with convenient saucers made of glass. The glasses can hold around 4.2 ounces of tea and each glass is 3.3 inches high with a thin lip. If you want to protect your surfaces like wood tables from tea stains, this Persian tea set is your best everyday choice. They are affordable, come in the traditional style and very robust.

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Great as a Gift – Golden Turkish Tea Glasses and Saucers Set

If you are looking for classic tea glasses but want to add a little extra style, this is the right option for you. The set of six traditional-shape tea glasses comes with six tea saucers. Both the glasses and the saucers have a delicate gold trim design on the edges. The glasses come without handle and can hold around 3 oz of high-temperature beverage without chipping, cracking, or breaking. You can safely clean these glasses and saucers in your dishwasher. This can also be a great and affordable gift item if you are invited to a Persian household.

CopperBull Turkish Tea Glasses set

This great Persian tea set consists of six decorative and aesthetic silver glass holders, six glass cups with silver handles, and six matching spoons. Be ready to get some compliments from your guests for serving a wonderful cup of tea in these gorgeous glasses.

The glasses are heat-resistant but it is not recommended to put them in the dishwasher. Therefore, we recommend to use them for special occassions or to bring as a gift. They are not recommended for everyday use.

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The luxurious choice – Decorated Persian Tea Set

This high-end tea set looks similar to traditional royal Persian teacups. The set consists of four beautiful glasses with spoons and saucers as well as a sugar bowl and a serving tray. The lid of the sugar pot, the glass holders, and the spoon handles are decorated with small artificial diamonds and white pearls. On the edges of the glasses, there is a beautiful golden trim design. The glasses are heat-resistant and long-lived. The serving tray as well as all other metal items are produced with rust-free metal, guaranteeing a long-lasting fresh golden color. However, for safety and longer life of the product, avoid putting these glasses in microwave or dishwasher. This beautiful Iranian tea set is guaranteed to impress your guests during your next tea time. Or it will also make an extraordinary and memorable gift for your loved ones at their wedding.

We hope our recommendations about the best Iranian tea sets and glasses have helped you. Let us know in the comment section if you have any further questions.

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The Best Persian tea glasses and tea sets. Our product recommendation for the most traditional Persian and Iranian tea cups and tea glasses.
Best Persian Tea Glasses and Sets 2020

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