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Persian Gifts for Men: Christmas 2019

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Christmas is only a month away, and like us, you may be scrambling to find a present for your loved ones. Our families come from all over the world, so we figured why not consider our cultural backgrounds when Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find many Persian gifts for men.

For that reason, we compiled some of our top choices for any other Persians who want to get their family or friends something special this year. 

Our Favorite Persian Gifts for Men

Set of 4 Rug Table Coasters – Persian Design Fabric Carpet Drink Mats 

These coasters combine function with a funny design. One of our translators found them and sent them to a few of us. They perfectly resemble the infamous Persian rugs that we grew up with in our homes. Maybe you aren’t a native Persian, and this will be your first Persian rug — we all know how expensive the real thing can be!

Each of these coasters is well-built and does a great job at preventing moisture from staining your desk or table. Four come in a set, so they are an excellent stocking stuffer. Give one to your baba, pedar bozorg, amu, and barodar! That’s dad, grandpa, uncle, and brother for anyone who hasn’t gotten that far in their Farsi skills.

Saki Electric Samovar Tea Kettle 

Persians love tea – it’s a major part of our culture. While many people are happy with tea bags or other tea-making options, why not help the special man in your life make tea the Persian way?

If you grew up in an Iranian household, you’ve definitely seen a samovar at some point. While the one your family used may look quite different than this, the Saki samovar puts a modern spin on things. It allows you to make authentic tea with all new safety features that old-fashioned samovars don’t have.

If you want to see more samovars, please read Our List of the Best Samovars.

Hajj Wafaa Calligraphy Set

Do you have a Persian friend who likes to write Nastaliq? Maybe your son is learning Farsi and wants to practice writing. No matter who it is for, this calligraphy set is an interesting gift that will provide countless hours of entertainment while improving your loved one’s writing. It comes with two reed pens and ink, so all your family member or friend needs is a sheet of paper to get started.

Nastaliq, or khoshnevisy, dates back over 1,500 years. Persian poets and artists have used this beautiful writing method to bring their words to life. It adds another layer of depth to intricate poems and stories. Giving your friend this Persian gift will allow them to continue this age-old tradition.

The pens last quite long, so you can expect many months of use per pen. You can even prolong their lifespan by using a razor to keep them sharp. This product is for the beginner or intermediate writer, as the pens are somewhat smaller than most professional sets. That said, it is perfect to get your loved one to get their feet wet or to casually practice their writing skills.

Persian Audiobooks

Audiobooks are an incredible way to learn something new or entertain yourself while on the go. There are so many books out there to learn about the Persian language or history, enjoy poetry, and see what it’s like to grow up as an Iranian in the U.S.

These are simply three of the books we recommend for the Persian man who likes to learn new things. For a better list, read our Top 10 Persian Audiobooks.

PRO TIP: You can sign up for Audible’s 30-day free trial and get 2 free audiobooks to try out! If you like the platform, you’ll get access to many more free books. If not, you can always cancel before the 30 days end!

Asoodehdelan Men’s Iranian Farsi Poem T-Shirt

Asoodehlan makes high-quality Persian gifts for men and women. We have bought all types of creative presents from their store. This shirt is no exception. It is a great way of showing off your heritage. Or if you are learning Farsi, it is an awesome way of displaying your new language skills.

The shirt features a famous line from an even more famous poet, Hafez. You can see the whole poem here in English and Farsi. If this Persian gift is for an Iranian, they will definitely understand the reference. If it is for a beginner Farsi student, it will certainly put a smile on their face.

Goutime 23 Inch, 1 Inch Wide Stainless Steel BBQ Skewers

Do you have a Persian dad or uncle? Maybe your friend is learning to master their cooking skills and needs to upgrade their equipment. No matter what the case is, this set of skewers is a great way to tell someone that they are a great cook and need to keep making you tasty kabob! These skewers do well at handling all types of cooking, from koobideh to shashlik. The metal is high-grade and resists rust.

Many people try to cook their national foods with American products. You can’t always find the items you need and settle for less effective replacement. We had to include this on our list of Persian gifts for men because these skewers are specially designed for the Persian chef. It also comes in a nice case, making it even more attractive on Christmas Day!

Persian Yoga – Fundamentals Illustrated Manual

Have you heard of Pahlavani or a Zurkhaneh? It is the “heroic sport” practiced by Persians for almost 2,000 years. Ancient Persian men wrestled for sport and pride. They followed a strict set of training rituals. Now, you can give your friend an inside glimpse of this workout routine.

We don’t only like Persian Yoga for its physical benefits, but this books also shares deep cultural aspects of Persian culture. The Zurkhaneh, where Persian warriors would train, still exists today in Iran and other countries. This is a great way of experiencing this time-tested practice to train your body, mind, and spirit. It is the perfect gift for fitness and Persian cultural enthusiasts.

Yenigun Persian Pattern Checkers & Backgammon Set

Do you have a special someone? Are you still looking for one of those perfect Persian gifts for him?

If you are from the Middle East or Central Asia, then you most likely grew up with a backgammon set in your living room. Now, you can share this iconic aspect of Persian life with your friends or family. We love this backgammon set because the exterior features traditional Persian artwork similar to khaatam. It’s one of the top Persian gifts for men who like to drink a cup of chai while playing a friendly game.

A member of our team has this exact board. She says it is a great way of sharing her Persian heritage with a friend when they visit. Not only can she show them how to play backgammon (many American don’t know how to play!), but she can also talk about the artwork as well. This is a high-quality piece that makes playing more enjoyable. When it’s not in use, the board’s beautiful artwork makes a great accent piece to any room.

Collectible Bamboo Coasters Set of 4 Persian Calligraphy Design

Another coaster set? Yep! We loved the beautiful artwork and Persian script on these pieces. Unlike the previously mentioned rugs, these coasters are more attractive and will be more useful on a coffee table. If your friend or relative loves sharing his Persian culture, then this is the gift for him!

Not only can he keep his coffee table spotless, but he will be able to share a hallmark phrase in Farsi, “Noosh-e Jaan.” If you are still learning Farsi, it means, “Enjoy” or “Bon Appetit.”

A coworker bought this for his mom who loves it. The coasters are perfectly sized for the traditional Persian teacup, or estekaan. The bamboo does a great job of keeping in the heat and moisture. These coasters also come in a set of four, making it one of the best Persian gifts for men since you can give one to a few loved ones.

Baba Like Dad Only Cooler Shirt

If you are Iranian, then you are well familiar with calling your dad Baba. This t-shirt is a fun way of celebrating your Persian heritage while also appreciating your dad. You have to admit it; saying baba can be a little more fun than plain, old dad.

The shirt is high-quality, and the sizes are accurate. One of our content writers bought one, and his dad wears it all the time. It was supposed to be a gag gift, but it allowed his dad to wear his heritage in plain sight. Regardless if you want this a joke gift or a way to recognize how awesome your dad is, it will surely put a smile on his face.

Wrapping Up

One of these Persian gifts for men should light up your loved one’s face on Christmas. We think all are excellent ways of showing your appreciation to someone while also sharing the Persian culture. Everyone has different tastes, so we hope we captured a wide enough range for you to find something.

If you know the perfect Persian gifts for men, then we ask that you share it in the comments. 

Are you still looking for a gift for a mom, aunt, relative, or friend? Check out our recap of lovely Persian gifts for women. 

Help other readers find that special present for their family or friends!


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